Sunday, October 31, 2010

Your Pet Food May Contain Carcinogens

To wrap up this week's discussion of cancer in pets, I want to highlight Mike Adams' guide, "Pet Health: How to secure your pet’s long-term health, safety and welfare." Adams' believes he's uncovered some startling findings regarding the pet food industry, and he's out to spread the word. For example, Adams claims that several common pet food preservatives have been linked to cancer. Furthermore, he says, "diabetes and cancer have skyrocketed in pets over the last ten years. That's because pet food is now filled with many of the same unhealthy ingredients that are causing these diseases to reach epidemic proportions in the human population" (NaturalNews Insider Alert). The guide also discusses pet exercise and other healthful tips. It's not free, but if you feel like spending $10 to own this guide, click here. I will leave you with this final quote from Adams:
If you saw the headlines about the recent Diamond Pet Food scandal, you know that pet food toxins can be deadly. Nearly 100 dogs died from eating contaminated dog food before the company recalled 34 million pounds of poisonous kibble. That story made headlines around the world, but the real story on pet food remains untold: That common pet food ingredients -- even those found in expensive, brand-name foods -- may be harming your pet right now. (NaturalNews Insider Alert)


  1. While I'm in no way surprised that dog food would have carcinogens (after all, look at all the toxic crap we put in our own food), something feels a little exploitative about this guy selling pet food guides, promising to keep your puppy cancer free...

  2. I agree with you Nathan, but I also think that pet owners should be aware of the potential dangers in pet food. The organic foodie movement isn' just for humans.