Friday, October 1, 2010

Veggie-Based Diets Reduce Buildup of Industrial Chemicals

For all you meat lovers out there (myself included), I have some unfortunate news. As we all know, PCBs and other industrial chemicals are stored in fat tissue, resulting in bioaccumulation up the food chain. Vegetarian diets avoid this pitfall altogether by staying away from meat in the first place. A recent study showed that "just five days on a vegetarian diet can significantly reduce the levels of antibiotics and toxic chemicals in the human body."

According to,
Scientists recruited 25 people to stay at a Buddhist temple for five days, living the same lifestyle as the monks residing there. This lifestyle included adhering to a strictly meat-free diet... Researchers took urine samples from all participants both 48 hours before and immediately after the five-day Temple Stay. This urine was tested for antibiotics and their metabolites, as well as six chemicals produced by the body upon the breakdown of phthalates. Phthalates are industrial chemicals used in the manufacture of pesticides and soft plastics.

Researchers found that the levels of five of the six phthalate metabolites tested for significantly dropped after going meat free for five days. To read more about this depressing discovery, click here.

Steak, I am going to miss you dearly.

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