Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kicking cancer again and again...

Battling cancer once in your life is more than enough for most people. Relapse is relatively common, and all too often, people are forced to face their demon a second time. Deny Dallaire has fought and defeat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma six times, and he is still with us today. According to Dallaire, there are only a dozen people on the entire planet who have experienced those odds and came out on top. Something changed in Dallaire on his sixth round of cancer, and he thinks he's finally figured out the key to warding off his disease. Below is his story:

My journey with cancer started in 1987. At 20 years old I was diagnosed with stage II Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. All my doctors told me that it was “very curable” and that treatments would last about 10 months total. What else could I do but put my life on hold for a year? Despite responding extremely well to the treatments, my cancer recurred again in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, and again in 2004. Every time it recurred, the cancer responded well to treatment … but it kept coming back.

When my cancer recurred the last time, it was my wife Theresa’s first experience with cancer since we had only met two years prior. Not being one to idly sit by, she quickly did research on proper nutrition, vitamins and supplements, relaxation methods, exercises – you name it! Then, one day while reading a book, it hit me like a bus. I finally realized something that all the chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and bone marrow transplants never taught me — In order for someone to be completely well, one needs to be healed on all three levels: body, mind and spirit.

When one of these components suffers, our entire being suffers. I soon took an even deeper interest in completely transforming my life. Theresa and I started running, completely overhauled our diet and began incorporating ways of keeping our mind and spirit healthy. Very quickly, I felt better than ever before. I wondered why I hadn’t already thought of this. Why had it taken me six kicks in the pants for me to realize this? I can only surmise that God sends us angels to guide us in the right direction. My wife is just such an angel, and because of her guidance, I am where I am today. (

Dallaire pooled the knowledge gained from his six recoveries into a book, titled Many Shades of Green: Running Toward the Finish Line, One Cancer at a Time. He is alive and well, residing in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada with his wife Theresa. Dallaire continues to spread his inspirational message to others and lead the healthy, balanced life that saved him from his final round of cancer.


  1. Wow. I am speechless. I've seen loved ones go through cancer once, and that's almost always too much. I can't begin to imagine what six rounds would feel like. What an incredible story.

  2. My friend recently read this book and said it made him appreciate life in a completely new way. It's an uplifting read for anyone battling cancer, or who is supporting a loved one through an illness.