Saturday, April 16, 2011

Test Kits for Everyone

While talking about Wikileaks in school today, I started wondering if there was some way I could cheaply test my environment for toxic chemicals such as PCBs and report them to the authorites. The best answer I could find was not ideal, and required you to send samples to a lab for $100. Another that I found actually sends you a kit and lets you test your pee to see how much exposure you've had to the list of items below, and costs $197. It has taken me almost three months to save $120.

Damage from Alcohol
Toxicity from Prescription Drugs

I've heard that the toilets in Japan will test your pee for pH and sugar levels. With all our advances in technology, we should be able to test ourselves daily for exposure to toxins. Grocery stores should test samples of their foods. Sushi restaurants should test for mercury. Too bad businesses don't have enough money to take such life improving steps to clean up, and keep the earth clean.

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