Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NHL Symptoms

According to www.ygoy.com, the symptoms for NHL include:

•Enlarged liver
•Enlarged spleen
•Night sweats
•Unexplained fever
•Itchy skin
•Flu-like symptoms
•Unexplained weight loss
•Itchy skin
•Red skin patches
•Shortness of breath

This is crazy to me, because most of these are relatively common things to experience every day. Although I have no idea what an enlarged spleen would feel like, I am almost always tired! One of Lucy's first warning signs were fatigue too. But she was so tired that she couldn't make it to soccer practice for several weeks. Clearly, something was wrong!

When we took her in to the doctors, one of the first things they did was check her lymph nodes on her neck. Swollen lymph nodes is apparently a tell-tale sign of NHL. This, too, is confusing because any number of infections, including a common cold, can cause inflammation of the lymph nodes.

The more I learn about NHL, the harder it is not to be paranoid!

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