Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lucy needs to eat!

Lucy's appetite has majorly gone away since her chemo began and the Doctors say it's important that she doesn't lose too much weight. They also gave me some tips for helping her eat.

First, they say she should try eating small amounts more frequently. And when she is eating, she should avoid drinking fluids because that can fill her up. (But they also said she should drink lots of fluids when she's not eating!)

When Lucy is hungry, the Doctors say she should go for super high-calorie and high-protein food. That means lots of butter, cheese, sugars, meats and avacodos, Lucy's favorite! Basically, I get to encourage her to pig out on a lot of foods that Mom says we should chill out on.

Sometimes Lucy gets nauseous at the smell of foods, but the Doctors say that's to be expected. They suggested experimenting with different foods and trying to figure out what sits well with Lucy's stomach during the treatments. Apparently it's natural for chemo patients to suddenly dislike foods that they use to love (like when I tried to make Lucy her beloved avacado omlette in bed). Well, hopefully I can find Luce a new fav meal!

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